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Itus Tactical is designed as a multi-pronged training service for homeowners and families.

1, 2 and 4 day courses will be offered with deepening levels of detail and training. Instruction will include:

 1. Design a plan to secure home entrance and exit points against intruders coming from single or multiple directions.

2. Teach individuals, and couples, tactical defense against intruder attacks using available/personal weaponry.

3. Instruct in safe and effectives weapons handling in high stress situations to ensure highest level of safety and effectiveness.


Itus Tactical does not, at this time, offer Federal or State weapons certifications or instruction, such as CHL or Hunting Liscence Instruction. It is purely a private training program designed by USMC Veterans trained in tactical defense situations.

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Tactical: A military term relating to the maneuvering of military or naval operations that are smaller and closer to a base. It is a quick reaction characterized by adroitness, ingenuity and skill. Applying tactics to home defense is merely training, and creating, for a plan of reaction to an attack on ones family and property.

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doug2COO, Sgt. Brown is a highly experienced and trained US Marine, having served since 2003, and has been on 5 combat tours - four in Iraqi and one in Afghanistan. He has trained as a scout and urban sniper,as well as in reconnaissance and surveillance. You can contact Sgt. Brown at 949-566-1579

Sgt. Riekenberg is also a veteran US Marine, with active duty experience on Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Sgt. Riekenberg believes that every individual has the right to know how to protect their home and family.

Cpl. Mitchell is a 5 year combat veteran of the US Marines, having seen action in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cpl. Mitchell is has a great sense of humor, and believes strongly in serving his country and community.

CEO Jim Bob Haggerton, Contact him at 469-855-8995

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We are currently updating our registration and calendar page.  This will streamline the growing calendar of classes and allow you to register for them more easily.

Right now, for questions about current classes or to register for them, please contact Douglas Brown at



Thank you for your patience!!!